Our Core Philosophy and Why Choose Us

Our company’s philosophy is never changed no matter what, customers are always first, we will not by any chance in wasting our customers’ valuable time. We will ensure our process is the quickest, less waiting time, and our service is to make sure our customers will not get any headache on their air conditioner’s area.

Secondly, we are so concern on our technicians’ quality. Our daily routines are to make sure our technicians share our core philosophy on serving every customer. We are not only share the same philosophy, we also behave the same towards everyone, we are professional, we behave professionally, and we look professionally.

Not only quality we concerned on our technicians. Safety is also our top priority on giving training to our technicians when they are outside serving our customers. We ensure we do enough safety works before we work on every air conditioners.

Thirdly, we are very strict on our service pricing to customers. Our policy is strictly no hidden nor extra charges to customers. Our pricing is listed based on the calculation of our transport, labor, cost of product, and the cost of time. Believe us with all these calculation, we are always less than market price.