Aircon Repair service during Covid19 movement control order in kuala lumpur

Aircon Repair & Maintenance Services


Our standard charging system on aircon repair/replacement is the cost of parts + labour fees (from range RM 80 – RM 200). However, we are unable to provide pricing of aircon parts for repair/replacement as the price can only be quoted upon our technician’s inspection.


We are experienced in providing quarterly maintenance services to industrial offices, factories, shop-lots having from 5 units up to 50 units of air conditioners. Kindly enquiry us, we will be sending our technicians to check and remarks on the frequency usage of all airconds. We will provide a consulting strategy on how often to provide services to airconds, the price of service per unit will be varied by the total unit of airconds and we will respond in more details upon your friendly enquiries.

doktor air aircon service technician team

Cleaning Services We Offer

Aircon Basic Cleaning Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Aircon Chemical Cleaning Wash Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Aircon Overhaul Cleaning Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We cater basic cleaningchemical wash and chemical overhaul cleaning for aircons. Our house aircon and commercial aircon cleaning services range from RM50 to RM430 per unit, depending on the aircon type, HP per unit and cleaning service.

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