Customers & Technician personal safety in using our services


We’re committed to the safety of everyone using our Doktor Air services. We use technology to ensure the safety of our technicians and customers before, during and after every of our services.


Our technicians are required to verify personal information when setting up their accounts with us; including summited us a copy of identity card number/passport for background checking ensuring with no criminal record with any PDRM or any others official departments, car insurance’s policy ensuring vehicle is registered under owner’s name, This private information is confidential and retained to confirm identity. We will also keep our customers informed that our technician’s, others workers’ identity and vehicle plate’s number while our technician is on their ways to our customer’s place.


As a technician-partner, you should be ensuring that you are presentable politely to customers, giving confidences to our customers that you are safe,
professional, and polite.


Once you have registered with us signing that you are a technician-partner, you reserve the right to decline or cancel any job request. During a job, if you feel unsafe for any reason, please pull over and end the job immediately.


After every job, customers and technician-partners are asked to rate each other and provide feedback before requesting or accepting another job. Should customer choose to leave a 1 Star rating for a registered technician, we will investigate what has done wrong with our services in order to mitigate the situation, and our customers will not be matched with that technician again.