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You are welcome to join us as our partner if you are an experienced technician. Do not worry if your tools are not completed, as long as you are experienced, we are here to provide you supports to provide services to customers.

DoktorAir is an air-conditioner technician platform, connecting people with professional technicians in Kuala Lumpur to rectify any air-conditioner related issues. As of now, we still find people struggling to look for a trusted and reliable technician to enter their house for services.

Be part of the partnership and you will get a fair share profits from this lucrative and less-exploited industry. We look very highly of the safety of our customers and technicians, thus you must first register with DoktorAir to be part of the team and proper training will be provided accordingly to cater different technicians with different backgrounds. You will be presented as a PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN that everyone likes without realising after training. We promise!

A clear and concise salary structure will be stated once you are successfully registered as our technician-partner. Join us now, and be part of the pioneer group to this business.