About Us

DrAir is an air-conditioning services provider since 2016. This business started when us as an ordinary person having air conditioner at home but worries arise when our air conditioner is not working. What we worried at first has few different points; where can we find a good technician to help us in fixing our air-conditioner? How much would they charge us after having our air conditioner fixed from hot to cold? Last but not least, how can we find a trustable technician who is giving us the “worry-free” having allowed them to work in our privacy area? We are same as you, we were you, is just that we have put an extra effort for us to have the above issues solved so that we all can share the services we desired for long.


  • Professional; efficient, clean, on time, and decent
  • Reasonable price; no hidden charge, transparency on charging
  • Trustable; we are always being responsible.