Aircon Repair service during Covid19 movement control order in kuala lumpur

Aircon Service Specialist in KL, PJ, Cheras & Kepong

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Aircon Service Specialist in KL, PJ, Cheras & Kepong

*On Demand*

Our Team at Dr Air

We have a trustworthy team of professional service engineers who are highly experienced in providing top-notch aircon services. Apart from our technicians, our customer support team is always ready to assist over the phone with any inquiries you may have regarding our aircon service packages in KL, prices and other matters. They will keep you updated on the process and are prompt to answer any inquiries you may have.

Choosing a Suitable Service Plan

We offer various service plans to suit your aircon needs. We cater affordable aircon cleaning service packages for General Service, Chemical Washing Service and Overhaul Service under our aircon servicing plans. Apart from that, our team also performs aircon installation, aircon repair and aircon maintenance.

Before recommending a plan for you, our service engineers will do a full assessment of your aircon after completing the maintenance. We will then provide a consulting strategy on how often they should service your aircon, as well as the price of service per unit. We believe in transparency when it comes to our pricing, so you never have to worry about any hidden charges.

Our service plans are unique to your aircon system and are designed so that you receive your money’s worth.

doktor air aircon service technician team

doktor air aircon service technician team

Cleaning Services We Offer

Aircon Basic Cleaning Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Aircon Chemical Cleaning Wash Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Aircon Overhaul Cleaning Service in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
We cater basic cleaningchemical wash and chemical overhaul cleaning for aircons. Our house aircon and commercial aircon cleaning services range from RM50 to RM430 per unit, depending on the aircon type, HP per unit and cleaning service.
How It Works
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    Simply call or book us online.

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    Our technicians will arrive on appointed time and date.

  3. DONE

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aircon cleaning service in kuala lumpur kl

On Demand Service

One of the serious problem for us being a lay person whose air conditioner is hot but not cold under the weather (especially in Malaysia!) is that we cannot wait for 2-3 days for technician to come over and have the faulty air conditioner fixed. It is hot enough for us to be willingly paying extra to some air conditioner technician to come immediately as long as putting the air-conditioner back to normal, Cold!

Fortunately, us DrAir is working so hard to get this done, we want to achieve should any customer call us telling us their air-conditioner is not working, it is our job and our responsibility to send our technician out to the place immediately and have the faulty air-conditioned to be fixed in the shortest time, less cost, and last longer than it should! This is our mission, our
philosophy, and our responsibility, no extra cost.